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Fisheries and Oceans Canada at (250) 804-7000

Project funded by
 the Pacific Salmon Commission

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Adams Lake, Map A - Momich River Adams Lake, Map B - Spillman Creek East Adams Lake, Map C - Spillman Creek Adams Lake, Map D - Hindu Point Adams Lake, Map E - Pass Creek Adams Lake, Map F - Bush Creek Adams Lake, Map G - Woolford Point Adams Lake, Map H - Adams Lake South End Seymour Arm, Map A - Nielsen Beach Seymour Arm, Map B - Nielsen Beach North Seymour Arm, Map C - Woods Landing Seymour Arm, Map D - Encounter Point Seymour Arm, Map E - Beach Bay Seymour Arm, Map F - Two Mile Creek South Seymour Arm, Map G - Two Mile Creek Seymour Arm, Map H - Albas Seymour Arm, Map I - Steamboat Bay Seymour Arm, Map J - Bughouse Bay South Seymour Arm - Map K - Bughouse Bay Seymour Arm, Map L - Dasniers Bay Seymour Arm, Map M - Fowler Point Mara Lake, Map A - Mara Point Mara Lake, Map B - Black Point Mara Lake, Map C - Six Mile Point to Mara Park Mara Lake, Map D - Mara Park North Mara Lake, Map E - Mara Park Shuswap Lake, Map A - Aline Hill Shuswap Lake, Map B - Tiilis to Bastion Bay Shuswap Lake, Map C - Bastion Bay North Shuswap Lake, Map D - Bastion Bay South Shuswap Lake, Map E - Canoe Point Shuswap Lake, Map F - Semaphore Point Shuswap Lake, Map G - Old Town Bay Shuswap Lake, Map H - Hungry Cove Shuswap Lake, Map I - Hungry Cove North Shuswap Lake, Map J - Quartzite Point Shuswap Lake, Map K - Quartzite Point East Shuswap Lake, Map L - Southeast of Cinnemousun Narrows Shuswap Lake, Map M - Cinnemousun Narrows Anstey Arm, Map A - Pete Martin Bay South Anstey Arm, Map B - Pete Martin Bay Anstey Arm, Map C - Four Mile Creek Anstey Arm, Map D - Four Mile Creek North Anstey Arm, Map E - Upper Anstey Anstey Arm, Map F - North of Cinnemousun Narrows Anstey Arm, Map G - Cinnemousun Narrows Salmon Arm, Map A - McIntyre Creek Salmon Arm, Map B - Hart Creek Salmon Arm, Map C - Paradise Point Salmon Arm, Map D - Herald Park Salmon Arm, Map E - Sunnybrae East Salmon Arm, Map F - Sunnybrae Salmon Arm, Map G - Sunnybrae West Salmon Arm, Map H - Tappen Bay Salmon Arm, Map I - Kault Hill Salmon Arm, Map J - Sandy Point Salmon Arm, Map K - Engineers Point Salmon Arm, Map L - Canoe East Salmon Arm, Map M - Canoe to Enns Creek Salmon Arm, Map N - Enns Creek Salmon Arm, Map O - Annis Bay Salmon Arm, Map P - Annis Bay East Little Shuswap Lake, Map A - Little River Little Shuswap Lake, Map B - Stequmwhulpa IR Little Shuswap Lake, Map C - South Shore Little Shuswap Lake, Map D - Chase East Little Shuswap Lake, Map E - Chase West Little Shuswap Lake, Map F - North Shore North Shore, Map A - Adams River Delta North Shore, Map B - Lee Creek North Shore, Map C - Scotch Creek Delta West North Shore, Map D - Scotch Creek Delta Central North Shore, Map E - Scotch Creek Delta East North Shore, Map F - Scotch Creek to Celista North Shore, Map G - Celista West North Shore, Map H - Celista North Shore, Map I - Celista East North Shore, Map J - Blake Point North Shore, Map K - Magna Bay North Shore, Map L - Ross Creek Delta West North Shore, Map M - Ross Creek Delta East North Shore, Map N - Anglemont North Shore, Map O - Anglemont East North Shore, Map P - Horseshoe Bay North Shore, Map Q - St Ives South Shore, Map A - Little River to Cruikshank Point South Shore, Map B - Meeks Point South Shore, Map C - Meeks Point East South Shore, Map D - Sorrento South Shore, Map E - Sorrento East South Shore, Map F - Cedar Heights South Shore, Map G - Blind Bay South Shore, Map H - Reedman Point South Shore, Map I - McBride Point South Shore, Map J - McBride Point East South Shore, Map K - McBride Point to Eagle Bay South Shore, Map L - Eagle Bay West South Shore, Map M - Eagle Bay Central South Shore, Map N - Eagle Bay East South Shore, Map O - Eagle Bay to Armstrong Point South Shore, Map P - Armstrong Point West South Shore, Map Q - Armstrong Point South Shore, Map R - Wild Rose Bay South Shore, Map S - Wild Rose Bay East